Why Halwa Hub, Tirunelveli, Tamilndau, South India

Tirunelveli, the town of courage, has a peculiar mannerism, slang, water, food, and geography. We feel proud that we are a part of the culture that stands out. Tirunelveli shares its border, culture, and food with Kerala. Nellai food is a delicious blend of both Tamil Nadu and Kerala cuisines.

Whenever you hear about Tirunelveli, the delicious and slippery halwa and special mixture combo peep into your mind. Ghee Halwa, a healthy blend of wheat, sugar, and ghee, is rich in nutrients and can act as a remedy for various nutritional insufficiencies. There is probably no home in Nellai that does not taste ghee halwa daily. We ingest halwa at dawn and dusk. The Tirunelvelians have halwa as the BREAK-fast food of the day. Its pristine taste creates an emotional bonding and follows us wherever we are.

We have been in the food industry since 1980, and so big is our experience. We started our business for those longing for the Tirunelveli native special sweets and snacks. We know the importance of the quality and taste of the sweets as we had the halwa as a part of our daily routine. Our day commences with the slippery sweet halwa in our mouths.

Halwa Hub in Tirunelveli is a venture started by a team of enthusiastic people about making quality Tirunelveli sweets and savories available to everyone across India. Our expert cooks have an innate talent for cooking delicious and flavorful snacks. Quality, an appropriate ratio of the ingredients, and the cooking methods make our snacks tasty and healthy.

How to place an order for sweets and snacks?

  • If you reside in Tirunelveli, you can visit our Halwab Hub kitchen for retail or bulk orders.
  • If you choose online ordering, you are at the right place, www.halwahub.com. We take orders 24/7. Orders placed till mid night of the day will be processed and despatched through our delivery partners on the next day.
  • National Holidays, weekends and any other special occasions may have impact to our processing time.
  • We are reachable at our telephone number +91.9791042592 (Whatsapp/voice calls) or email us at halwahub@gmail.com