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Best Kerala Special Banana Chips Online
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  • Best Kerala Special Banana Chips Online

Best Kerala Special Banana Chips Online

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Best Kerala Special Banana Chips Online


The coastal region of Kerala is home to diverse kinds of plantains. Raw bananas, as well as ripe bananas, are an inevitable part of Kerala cuisine. Onam Sadhya (Kerala's famous feast) only completes with Kayavaruthathu(Banana Chips).

Not all can make Banana Chips easily. The preparation needs accuracy and experience. Raw banana slices are first prepared. The slicing requires expertise since it should be thick enough and thick enough. The proper thickness gives the chips a crunchy texture without being hard. The sliced raw bananas are then fried in fresh coconut oil. Keeping the optimum temperature of the oil is necessary for the banana slices to get cooked correctly. The delicious aroma of frying the Kerala-style Banana Chips will be mouthwatering and tempting.


Health benefits of raw dried Banana Chips

Dried Banana Chips are healthier than any other ready-to-eat snack available. Trace quantities of Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin A, Iron, and Phosphorus are present in this delicious snack.

Your eyes can benefit from consuming sliced Banana Chips. A serving of 1/3 cup contains about 1g of protein and 1 gram of fiber. Banana Chips energize your body and can provide 165 calories per serving.

Coconut oil, in which we fry the Banana Chips, is beneficial for health. It is a quick source of energy and helps with fat burning. Their antimicrobial properties increase immunity. It improves skin health and boosts hair growth.


Why choose Halwa Hub, Tamilnadu to buy Kerala Chips?

Halwa Hub's primary goal is to present delectable savory dishes authentically and traditionally. Halwa Hub has a wide range of customers from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and many other states in India.

As Tenkasi in Tirunelveli shares its border with Kerala, the culinary traditions in Tirunelveli naturally get a magical touch of Kerala cuisine. We make chips in small batches, so the stock is cleared daily. Halwa Hub, being located in Coimbatore - yet another city in Tamil Nadu sharing the border with Palakkad district in Kerala, our Banana Chips carry the taste and aroma of Kerala-style Banana Chips.

We take the utmost care in choosing our ingredients. They are hand-picked and of premium quality. Our expert cooks have an innate talent for cooking delicious and flavorful snacks. Quality, an appropriate ratio of the ingredients, and the cooking methods make our snacks tasty and healthy. We do not use any preservatives or artificial coloring agents. Our snacks are freshly prepared, and we only stock them for a short time.

Above all, we give much importance to hygiene and safety. The cooking area, as well as the utensils, is well cleaned every day. We strictly DO NOT reuse the oil the next time.

We use food-grade containers to pack the foods, keeping the health of our customers in mind. The packaging is airtight and sealed to ensure the preservation of snacks in an exemplary manner.


FAQ About Kerala Banana Chips


How to make Banana Chips at home?

Cut high-quality, properly matured raw bananas into slices. Coat them with salt. Then fry them in good-quality coconut oil. Be careful that the oil temperature stays below the smoke point.


What is unique about Kerala Banana Chips?

Kerala special Banana Chips are made from dried raw nendran bananas deep-fried in coconut oil. It is a salty snack and has a mouthwatering aroma and taste. Serves as the best choice for evening bites.


Do you add any preservatives to increase the shelf life of the Banana Chips?

At Halwa Hub, we do not add any preservatives or artificial colors to our foods. As the chips are deeply fried to remove the water content, they will naturally have a longer shelf life.


What is the shelf life of raw Banana Chips?

The average shelf-life of Banana Chips is 21 days.

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