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Order Tirunelveli Special Ghee Sweet Nei Vilanga
  • Order Tirunelveli Special Ghee Sweet Nei Vilanga
  • Order Tirunelveli Special Ghee Sweet Nei Vilanga

Order Tirunelveli Special Ghee Sweet Nei Vilanga

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Order Tirunelveli Special Ghee Sweet Nei Vilanga in India

Green moong dal, powdered sugar, and ghee are used to make the traditional Indian dessert known as Nei Vilanga (Siru Payiru Nei Urundai). Our Nei Vilanga is delicious, fragrant, and handmade. They can also satisfy your sweet desires.

It is also known as nei urundai, payathamavu urundai, Moongdal ladoo and Paasiparuppu maavu urundai. Tirunelveli people commonly call it Nei Urundai or Nei Vilanga.


Ingredients of Nei Vilanga

  • Nellai's native healthy sweet requires only five ingredients.
  • Split moong dal powder
  • Sugar
  • Cashew nuts
  • Cardamom
  • Ghee


Health benefits of Nei vilanga

Moong dal is a fantastic source of carbs, vitamins, minerals, fiber, vital fatty acids, and high-quality proteins with a high rate of digestion. It is the ideal cooling food for the body.

Vitamins A, D, E, and K are abundant in pure ghee. Consequently, combining all these nutrients results in a healthy snack that offers the proteins, lipids, and carbs required to carry out daily tasks.


Halwa Hub Tirunelveli Nei vilanga specialities

Halwa Hub serves you our delicious and premium quality snacks. Our Gomathi brand Tirunelveli Nei Vilanga is traditionally made with high-quality ingredients blended in the right proportion.

Nei Vilanga has the goodness of moong dal and ghee. This sweet savoury is yummy and flavourful with the magical touch of Nellai cuisine.


Buy the best quality Tirunelveli special snacks from us to enjoy the native taste. Our Nellai Nei Vilanga stays fresh for 21 days from the manufacturing date.


Why should you buy Tirunelveli Special Nei vilanga from Halwa Hub?

The main objective of Halwa Hub is to serve delicious savoury dishes both genuinely and conventionally.

Pan India Delivery: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and many other Indian states make up the diverse client base at Halwa Hub. We deliver sweets and savoury items across India through private courier services.

Quality Ingredients: We select our ingredients with extreme care. They are top-notch and hand-picked.

Chemical-Free: We don't use any artificial colors or preservatives. Our snacks are freshly prepared, and we only stock them for a short time.

Expert Cooks: Our expert cooks have an innate talent for cooking delicious and flavorful snacks. Quality, an appropriate ratio of the ingredients, and the cooking methods make our snacks tasty and healthy.

Cleanliness: Above all, we give much importance to hygiene and safety. The cooking areas, as well as the utensils, are well-cleaned every day. We strictly DO NOT reuse the oil the next time.

Quality Packing: We use food-grade containers to pack the foods, keeping the health of our customers in mind. The packaging is airtight and sealed to ensure the preservation of snacks in an exemplary manner.

Customer service: We are ready to hear from our customers. Halwa Hub's customer care is available from 7 am to 7 pm. You can also contact us through Whatsapp.


FAQ About Nei Vilanga

What is the difference between Pori Vilanga and Nei Vilanga?

The main ingredients of Pori Vilanga have roasted rice flour and palm jaggery. But in Nei Vilanga, moong dal flour is used instead of rice powder.


What is moong dal called in Tamil?

In Tamil, moong dal is known as paasipayiru or siru payiru.


Do you have any minimum order quantity limits?

No. We can ship any quantity across India.


Do you add any preservatives to increase the shelf life of the Nei Vilanga?

No. At Halwa Hub, we do not add any preservatives or artificial colors to our foods.


What is the expiration date of Nei Vilanga?

The average shelf-life of Nei Vilanga is 21 days.

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