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Milagu Karasev | Buy Pepper Karasev Online - Home Delivery

Milagu Karasev | Buy Pepper Karasev Online - Home Delivery

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Buy Pepper Karasev Online

Milaku Kara Sevu goes well with any food and on any occasion. If combined with other foods, Kara Sevu enhances its taste and flavour and makes it yummy.

Tirunelveli special Pepper Kara Sevu with hot coffee tastes divine and makes your evening coffee break fulfilling. Pepper Kara Sevu contains ajwain (omam), which promotes digestion. Coarse Pepper gives it a special texture and contains vitamins and nutrients for our daily requirements. It is the ideal snack for any time of the day.

 Ingredients of Nellai Milaku Kara Sevu

  • Bengal gram flour
  • Rice flour
  • Pepper powder
  • Jeera
  • Ajwain
  • Salt

The perfect blending of these ingredients gives the Milaku Kara Sevu the right texture and taste. It is crunchy, spicy, and not hard to bite.


Halwa Hub Tirunelveli Milaku Kara Sevu specialties

Halwa Hub serves you our delicious and premium quality snacks. Our Gomathi brand Milaku Kara Sevu is made traditionally with high-quality ingredients blended in the right proportion.

Aromatic, salty, and spicy Pepper Kara Sevu is filled with the goodness of ajwain, Pepper, and jeera (cumin). It is a crispy snack and is packed well to retain its crunchiness.

How to store Pepper Kara Sevu?

Milaku Kara Sevu needs to be stored in a clean and dry container to retain its crunchiness. Please do not touch it with wet hands since it may spoil its crunchiness and make it stale.

Our Halwa Hub brand Kara Sevu stays fresh for 21 days from the manufacturing date.


Why should you buy special Tirunelveli Milaku Kara Sevu from Halwa Hub?

The main objective of Halwa Hub is to serve delicious savoury dishes genuinely and conventionally.

Pan India Delivery: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and many other Indian states make up the diverse client base at Halwa Hub. We deliver sweets and savoury items across India through private courier services.

Quality Ingredients: We select our ingredients with extreme care. They are top-notch and hand-picked.

Chemical-Free: We don't use any artificial colors or preservatives. Our snacks are freshly prepared, and we only stock them for a short time.

Expert Cooks: Our expert cooks have an innate talent for cooking delicious and flavorful snacks. Quality, an appropriate ratio of the ingredients, and the cooking methods make our snacks tasty and healthy.

Cleanliness: Above all, we give much importance to hygiene and safety. The cooking areas, as well as the utensils, are well-cleaned every day. We strictly DO NOT reuse the oil the next time.

Quality Packing: We use food-grade containers to pack the foods, keeping the health of our customers in mind. The packaging is airtight and sealed to ensure the preservation of snacks in an exemplary manner.

Customer service: We are ready to hear from our customers. Halwa Hub's customer care is available from 7 am to 7 pm. You can also contact us through Whatsapp.


FAQ About Milaku Kara Sevu

Are Omapodi and Kara Sevu same?

No. Omapodi is a thin, non-spicy, and salty snack. It has besan flour and ajwain as the main ingredients.

Milaku Sevu is thicker and spicier than omapodi. It has coarse pepper powder, ajwain, Jeerakam, and besan flour.

How long will it take to deliver the Nellai Kara Sevu?

The order can be shipped out on the same day. It takes one day to deliver if the recipient is in Tamil Nadu. Outside of Tamil Nadu, delivery could take 3–4 days.

What is the Gomathi Tirunelveli Milaku Sevu expiration date?

For 21 days after the date of manufacture, our Halwa Hub brand special Tirunelveli Milaku Sevu remains fresh.

Do you add any preservatives to increase the shelf life of the kara Sevu?

Our Halwa Hub brand products don't have any preservatives or artificial colors.

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